Orchestra is the new 8 spiral machine family with incredible performances that is designed for the most demanding of locations. Among the many innovations, the transparent, modular and reconfigurable VisioShop trays and the high levels of energy efficiency.

Moreover Orchestra has an elegant design: the black anodized aluminum cabinet features an interface area in black metal with diamond frame, which houses a wide color graphic display together with a capacitive numeric keyboard or a touch screen selection panel.

  • Visioshop tray holds up to 53 kg loads avoiding any bending.

  • Energy consumption reduced up to -56%.

  • User friendly interface with a numeric capacitive keypad.

  • high visibility of the cell enhances the purchase experience and attracts more customers.

Additional Information

User Interface Numeric selection
Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 900 x 1830 mm
Depth 830 mm
Voltage 230V
Frequency 50 Hz
Number of trays 6
Max. number oftrays 8
Product Capacity 438
Payment Options Coins, Notes