Festival Classic

Festival Classic delivers a complete offer of products (from non alimentary goods to fresh food) and has the possibility to set up the layout of each drum according to the location’s need. Inside the cell the space is optimized at any drum level in order to display the best product offer. Moreover with this model it is possible to stratify different temperatures according to the location and to the product. The extreme flexibility of configuration allows the user to choose among snacks, drinks, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurt.

  • LED lighting of the front panel and of the internal part of the cell.

  • Low energy consumption.

  • Extreme flexibility of configuration.

  • Large graphical display and a round FIFO shopper button.

Additional Information

User Interface Direct selection
Weight 320 kg
Dimensions 850 x 1830 mm
Depth 859 mm
Voltage 230V
Frequency 50 Hz
Number of drums
8 or 10
Drum height
Product Capacity Up to 108
Configuration Snacks + Food / non food / cans
Payment Options Coins, Notes, Cashless