Necta Opera

Necta Opera

Necta’s Opera is a new model offering enhanced performance to ensure a premium quality drink in every cup. The machine is able to deliver up to 620 beverages per day and possesses a coffee bean canister capable of holding up to 3.2kg of beans. There are 20 direct selection buttons and drink customization options allowing the Opera to serve a breadth of hot drinks for every taste. The machine’s elegant design and chromium plated frame is also sure to compliment any location.

It’s FREE! Free installation! No bills! No startup fees! No service fees!

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Necta Opera


Professional Necta Opera Vending Machine

This Necta Opera guarantees an excellent price/performance ratio. Opera is a concentrate of technology embracing the best performances currently available for the intermediate range of the free standing market offering a wide choice and optimum drink quality.

Opera is available in the versions: Espresso and Double Espresso, Instant and Fresh Brew.
Opera is the winning solution for bigger margins and the conquest of new clients.

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Weight120 kg
Dimensions600 × 1830 mm



Max Power Consumption

Cups Capacity

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